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We have recently been asked if installing a magnetic filter on to a heating system is ‘worth it’, well yes, it is certainly worth every penny, the particles (metal and other compounds) in a typical heating system float around looking for somewhere to settle, which generally is the main heat exchanger in the boiler, this in turn causes serious issues over time such as, noises from the boiler, inefficient heating and possibly blocked pipe work in extreme cases.

We’ve completed a ‘Maganaclean’ and compared the before and after cleaning  which showed us just how much sludge can removed from the system. It was a newly installed filter and had been in place for just 2 days….. the entire system was flushed and cleaned thoroughly after the install was completed.

Also remember that water treatments such as Inhibitors are a vital part of an efficient, quiet heating system and are relatively cheap to install.

If you would like more information about the ‘Adey ‘Maganaclean Pro2’ you can go to their website or just get in contact and we will endeavour to help as much as possible.

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